Timecode Questions

Final Cut Pro X is quietly becoming a contender for serious, fast, feature film workflows in different corners of the world.  Intelligent Assistance's Sync and Link looks to be a big part of that, but in exploring how it might be used I realised I don't really know anything about a professional timecode workflow and reached out to the Personal View community today for some help:


Does anyone know anything about Timecode? I recently purchased Sync and Link for FCPX, after reading the below article about a feature in Bulgaria.


I gave it a whirl on this Television production which had already been shot but was organised by day. It completely failed and I quickly realised what all the fuss about 'real timecode' has always been. There are gaps with mostly commercial sets, working down in Panama and an internet education, or in having U.S. mentors that were mostly active before the digital age. 'Timecode' is something everyone talks about and accepts as part of a normal professional workflow, and that I don't have a real grasp on.

Seeing things like this from today's NAB thread, however, fully reinforce that I'm on the right track as far as building a feature workflow in FCPX using Sync and Link, especially for the kind of shoot where I'll be deep in the jungle, running long audio and video takes, maybe not always starting and stopping perfectly at the same time, and all of that.


Gregory Clarke from Intelligent Assistance (the developer of Sync and Link) says he's never actually worked on a shoot with Timecode, but linked me to this MovieSlateApp: http://www.movie-slate.com/Timecode_Sync/ I also found these guys from the NAB stuffhttp://www.timecodebuddy.com but am not sure exactly how to integrate that into a solution.

The GH4 apparently has real timecode, and I'll be shooting on that. My Tascam DR100 MKII most certainly doesn't. I doubt I'll be able to afford a Sound Devices 633 in the budget, but I'm assuming there is something out there that would make sense as a recorder upgrade that will do timecode.

Here is my big question...if both camera and recorder due real timecode, can I just hit record on both and this will mean something to an application like Sync and Link later? Do I have to plug them into either other or somehow 'jam sync' via a slate like the one above? Do I need to slate at all, which I'm hoping to avoid?

I'm hoping someone might be able to walk me through this stuff as it applies to a documentary style shoot.

Also...the SLR Magic Anamoporhot and Diopters showed up...thoughts on that, soon.

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